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Christine Lebeck

The series Sleep, comes from an ongoing desire to document my life. I am interested in preserving as well as creating memories for myself. I use the camera as an apparatus of observation. Using long exposures, whether they be a full eight hours of sleep or a short mid-day rest, I try to collect time, capturing all these moments and compressing them into an image. As I enter my bed I open the camera’s shutter and then close it when I wake, capturing the entire length of my rest onto a single sheet of film. Even while I am motionless and deep in slumber, I am transitioning through time and recording the journey. I seek to capture more than just a moment of this journey but a collection of these moments, accumulated on top of each other like the application of paint to a surface. Each individual moment of time is a layer helping to create the finished painting. The result is the accumulation of the passing of time while I was in another consciousness. These images represent a visual memory for myself of an event that I have no personal recollection of.